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The sixth edition of the International Symposium on Immunobiologicals (ISI) has as main objectives the promotion of innovation, the generation of cutting-edge knowledge and networking among experts to accelerate the development of biotechnology solutions to public health problems. In its last edition, ISI was converted to a digital format, allowing remote participation in the lectures, round tables, mini-courses and workshops, which were broadcast in real time from a virtual platform specially designed to respond to this new reality imposed by the pandemic. In 2022 ISI will become a hybrid event, which will also include some face-to-face sessions following all security protocols, since the pandemic is not over yet, but it already allows us to have some physical contact again. Whether in person or through the virtual platform, the 6th ISI is the ideal forum to seek cutting-edge knowledge in biotechnology worldwide, meet outstanding researchers and scientists, share what you are doing and hear feedback from your peers in the poster area, as well as get updates on important topics for careers in the field and find out what prominent companies in the market are offering.

Virtual Platform
Administrative Building Vinicius Fonseca Auditorium
Bio-Manguinhos – Fiocruz
Rio de Janeiro, RJ

3, 4 and 5
May 2022

Poster Exhibition

If you are already registered for the 6th ISI, click here to visit the 6th ISI Poster Exhibition. You will be directed to the application, where you will have full access to the exhibition with posters, videos of the authors and download of the event proceedings. Besides getting to know this year’s papers, you can interact with the authors to ask questions, make comments and even seek ideas and partnerships for your own research.

Not to mention that you can even vote for your favorite papers for the popular jury award. You can also visit the Bio Lounge and our sponsors.

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Starts in January 17

Registration for the event is now open to all professionals or students, as well as researchers in the field of immunobiologicals and related areas, from institutions of production and/or technological development of vaccines, biopharmaceuticals or reagents for diagnosis, as well as those involved in the area of public health. The event is also targeted at entrepreneurs, startups, investors and funding agencies. Registration is free for both Brazilians and foreigners, as long as they meet the above requirements.

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Preliminar Agenda for 6th ISI

Check the preliminar agenda for the 2022 event
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  • May 3rd

  • Sem título

  • Thrombin - Technological development of a national biological sealant
    Fabricio Klerynton Marchini, ICC – Fiocruz / PR*

  • Coral da Fiocruz
    - Socorro Gross, PAHO* - Arnaldo Correia de Medeiros, SVS/MoH - Sandra de Castro Barros, SCTIE/MoH - Marco Krieger, Fiocruz* - Mauricio Zuma, Bio-Manguinhos* - Akira Homma, Bio-Manguinhos*

  • VAC-01. Second-generation Vaccines: Adjuvants and Booster Doses
    Gabrielle Gimenes Lima, USP

  • - Ann Ottosen, UNICEF* - Kate O'Brian, WHO* - Andres de Francisco, PAHO* - Akira Homma, Bio-Manguinhos*
    Chair: Mauricio Zuma, Bio-Manguinhos*

  • VAC-03. Recombinant influenza virus encoding a Streptococcus pneumoniae conserved antigen: a bivalent intranasal and intramuscular broad-spectrum vaccine against pneumonia and Flu
    Kimberly Freitas Cardoso, Fiocruz/Instituto René Rachou

  • - South Africa - Caryn Fenner, Afrigen Biologics and Vaccines* - Argentina - German Sanches, Sinergium* - Brazil - Patricia Neves, Bio-Manguinhos*
    Chair: Rami Sharf, PATH*

  • ORT-01. Median Tissue Culture Infectious Dose (TCID50) as a validated tool to measure antiviral activity in functionalized textiles
    Adriana de Souza Azevedo Soares, Bio-Manguinhos

  • - Imelda Jordaan, Afrigen Biologics and Vaccines* - Analía Acebal, Sinergium - Gustavo Mendes, Anvisa
    Chair: Jelena Berglund, PATH


  • May 4th

  • Sem título

  • Idea to Injection: Flexible and modular platforms to optimize your manufacturing
    Katarina Stenklo, Cytiva

  • - Strategies for collaboration and management of complex projects through the procurement of technology services, Thomas Gerlach, Pannex Therapeutics* - Plant-based production platform as a strategy for acceleration of the development of biologics, Don Stewart, Plantform Canada
    Chair: Hugo Defendi, Bio-Manguinhos*

  • BIO-01. Development and optimization of a protocol for 19BBz CAR-T cells generation
    Leonardo Ribeiro Batista Silva, INCA

  • Talk - innovation hub: Innovative researchers and their innovative startups.
    - Aruã Prudenciatti, CROP - UNESP - Carolina Caliari, In Situ – USP-Ribeirão Preto - Myrian Pruschinski , Skinzymes – USP*
    Chair: Eduardo Emrich, Biominas*
    Azul claro
    Sem título

  • BIO-02. Evaluation of antitumor activity of 5 rna interference in conjunction for the treatment of breast cancer in nude mice
    Ana Beatriz Teixeira Frederico, Bio-Manguinhos

  • - Flexibility and agility in defining and operating a new production site, Eduardo Estrada, Sanofi* - New technologies and strategies in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, Andreas Castan, Cytiva*
    Chair: Luiz Alberto Lima, Bio-Manguinhos*

  • MAN-01. The challenges of VTC-WWTP management in meeting legal requirements in times of COVID-19 pandemic
    Vinícius Mattos de Mello, Bio-Manguinhos

  • - Vaccination of premature babies at CRIE in Brazil - what have we learned? Ana Paula Burian, CRIE / Vitória – ES* - Real-world evidence of hexavalent vaccination introduced in Chile: rational and results, Juan Pablo Torres Torreti, Universidad de Chile*
    Chair: José Cassio de Moraes, Santa Casa de São Paulo*

  • May 5th

  • Azul claro
    Sem título

  • The revolutionary potential of mRNA as a platform for biopharma
    Birgit Rogell, Roche CustomBiotech EMEA/LATAM

  • - Self-testing experience as a strategy to expand the HIV diagnostic, Mariana Villares, DST-AIDS* - Regulatory framework for new IVD technologies, Marcella Abreu, Anvisa
    Chair: Rosane Cuber, Bio-Manguinhos*

  • IVD-02. New approaches for recombinant protein VP1-2A of HAV production and characterization based on liquid microarray assay: application for developing a point-of care diagnostic test
    Michel Vergne Felix Sucupira, Bio-Manguinhos

  • - The use of large-scale, rapid whole-genome sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 to understand viral transmission and evolution, Lorenzo Subissi, OMS* - Pandemic of SARS- CoV- 2 in Brazil: evolution and emergence of variants of concern, Marilda Siqueira, Fiocruz*
    Chair: Marco Krieger, Fiocruz*

  • IVD-01. Development and Validation of Reverse Transcription Loop- Mediated Isothermal Amplification (RT-LAMP) for Rapid Detection of SARS-CoV-2 in Human Samples
    Bárbara Nazly Rodrigues Santos, Fiocruz

  • - Rebecca Farkas, CEPI* - David Kaslow, PATH* - Peter Dull, B&MGF
    Chair: Sotiris Missailidis, Bio-Manguinhos*

  • - Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, Unisinos* - Maria Cristina de Cunto Brandileone, Adolfo Lutz Institute* - Maria Notomi Sato, USP* - Marco Antonio Stephano, USP* - Paulo Lee Ho, Butantan Institute* - Mauricio Zuma, Bio-Manguinhos*
    Event close-up remarks
    Akira Homma, Bio-Manguinhos

    Cinza escuro


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Register for Easy ISI

New on the program of the 6th International Symposium on Immunobiologicals: during the morning of May 3 and 4, the Easy ISI will take place, a series of six mini-courses, held on the virtual platform of the event. The main objective is to introduce some basic concepts of biotechnology in order to stimulate students’ interest in the area, as well as update professionals already working in the field.

With registrations open for 6th ISI participants, the classes will have limited vacancies. Get to know the available courses and guarantee your place in your favorite one.

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ISI Webinar Series

Regaining High Vaccination Coverage

On the morning of April 7th, the first webinar of the 6th ISI will be presented. The theme of this first webinar is “Regaining High Vaccination Coverage” and will feature experts in the field, who will discuss the risks identified with the recent drops in vaccination coverage, pointing out the problems, how they impact the indicators and the search for possible solutions to reverse this scenario. This webinar will not have simultaneous translation and will be broadcast live in Portuguese only, but the video with translated subtitles can be accessed after the end of the webinar on the symposium app.




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