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Find out our innovative poster presentation format

In this edition we will have the ISI Arena, which will be an innovative environment, different from the traditional areas of exhibition of scientific posters. In the ISI Arena, the interaction of the authors among themselves and with the participants of the event will be the great differential. Each author will have their space to receive visitors, and their posters can be presented on the digital totems available in the environment, whenever necessary.

Of the more than 180 posters submitted, 90 were selected by the Scientific and Technological Committee of the 7th ISI, 6 of which will be presented orally in plenary and 27 will be presented in pitch format on the stage of the ISI Arena. But all 90 chosen will have their space in the exhibition in person, in any of the digital totems shared, and virtual, through the app.
With this new dynamic we optimize the space, give more autonomy and comfort to the authors, stimulate networking and adopt a more sustainable posture.

Come and interact with the authors of the works exhibited at the 7th ISI, either in person at the ISI Arena or through the event app, and get to know what is newest in the scientific and technological development of immunobiologics in Brazil. And don’t forget to vote, through the app, for your favorite works to compete for the Popular Jury Award.

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ISI Seminar Series

ISI will present a seminar on “How to Publish – Editor’s View” in partnership with Springer Nature and The Lancet, to encourage and give valuable insight to 7th ISI poster authors and all other researchers who are interested in publishing the results of their work in scientific books or articles. This event will not have simultaneous translation and the talks will be presented in Portuguese or Spanish.

ISI News

The Event​

The seventh edition of the International Symposium on Immunobiologicals (ISI) will have as main objectives the promotion of innovation, the generation of cutting-edge research and networking opportunities among experts to accelerate the development of biotechnology solutions to public health problems. In the 2021 edition, the ISI gained a digital format, which allowed remote participation in the lectures, round tables, mini-courses and workshops, which were broadcast in real time from the virtual platform specially designed to respond to this new reality imposed by the pandemic. In 2022 ISI became a hybrid event, which also had face-to-face sessions following all the security protocols, once the pandemic stage made it possible to return to some physical contact. But in 2023, the event will be primarily face-to-face, with participatory activities to encourage knowledge exchange and interaction among participants.

Whether in person or through the virtual platform, ISI is the ideal space to seek cutting-edge knowledge in biotechnology worldwide, meet leading researchers and scientists, share what you are doing and hear feedback from your peers in the poster area, as well as get updates on important topics for careers in the field and find out what prominent companies in the market are offering.


Take part in the 7th ISI!

Participation in the 7th ISI is free and open to all professionals or students, as well as researchers in the field of immunobiologicals and related areas, from institutions involved in production and/or technological development of vaccines, biopharmaceuticals or reagents for diagnosis, as well as those involved in the public health area. They are also aimed at entrepreneurs, startups, investors and development agencies. Registration is free for both Brazilians and foreigners, as long as they meet the above requirements.

Poster Exposition

Poster submissions to the 7th International Symposium on Immunobiologicals are now open

Do not miss out on presenting your work at the 7th International Symposium on Immunobiologicals. 

Poster submissions are open until March 7. 

Unpublished papers on vaccines, diagnostic kits and biopharmaceuticals, management, or other related topics can be submitted until March 7. There is no limit to the number of abstracts to be submitted per author. If selected, papers will participate in the poster exhibition, which in 2023 will again be in person during the event, increasing visibility and possibilities of interaction with peers. But it also continues to have its virtual promotion, with space for the abstract, video and poster, as well as the possibility of chat with participants and videoconferences. Be sure to submit your work!

Check out what happened at our previous editions

Want to know how the International Symposium on Immunobiologicals (ISI) went and see some of the daily schedule? Take the opportunity to know, or remember, what happened in all previous editions of the scientific events organized by Bio-Manguinhos since 2001 in the ISI / SACT history session.

7th ISI 2023 Schedule

Check out the schedule for the 2023 event

  • May 2nd

  • 08:30 – 09:30 Round table 1A – The challenge of Low Vaccination Coverage Situation in Brazil and Worldwide • Brazil – Ethel Maciel, SVS / Brazilian MoH* • Americas – Jarbas Barbosa, PAHO* • WHO – Samir Sodha, IVB/WHO* Chair: Akira Homma, Fiocruz* 9:30–10:00 Coffee break 10:00–11:00 Round table 1B – How to overcome the low vaccination Coverage Challenges? Brazilian field experiences • Creating connections with vulnerable groups – Oiapoque / Teatro Maiuhi, Elissandra Barros da Silva, Pet Indígena – Unifap* • Strategies to reconquest the high vaccination coverages in Paraíba State, Renata Nóbrega, Health Surveillance Unit from Paraíba* • For the Recovery of the High Vaccination Rates Project in Brazil through solidarity networks, Maria de Lourdes de Sousa Maia, PRCV Bio-Manguinhos* 11:00–11:30 Round table 1C – Challenges and perspectives for SUS to strengthen vaccination in Brazil • Primary health care agenda, Ricardo Gadelha de Abreu, Secretary of Primary Health Care, Ministry of Health* • Health surveillance agenda, Eder Gatti, Director, Department of Immunization and Preventable Diseases, Ministry of Health*

  • – Guided visit to the Museu da Vida and Fiocruz Castle – Guided visit to Bio-Manguinhos’ vaccine and biopharmaceuticals production site

  • 11:40 – 12:10 – Poster pitch
    VACCINATION COVERAGE IN BRAZIL • VAC-06 – Pertussis antibodies and vaccination coverage among healthcare professionals in Brazil is inadequate, Rita Soares Barbosa Cardona, USP • ORT-18- Human papillomavirus vaccination coverage in Brazilian North Region, 2013-2022, Mateus de Paula Von Glehn, EpiSUS • VAC-18 – Analysis of the possible factors associated with a low vaccination coverage among health Science undergraduates, Camila Costa dos Santos, UFF 12:20 – 12:50 – Poster pitch
    IMMUNE RESPONSE AND COVID-19 • VAC-09- Observational study of immunogenicity, effectiveness and reactogenicity in 6 months to 17 years age group of vaccines against COVID-19, Camila Amormino Corsini, Fiocruz/Minas IRR • IVD-06- New approaches in the detection of neutralizing antibodies using SARS-CoV-2 as a model, Caio Bidueira Denani, Fiocruz/Bio-Manguinhos • VAC-11 – Humoral immune response of allergic subjects vaccinated against COVID-19, Laura Alves Ribeiro Oliveira, Universidade Federal de Uberlândia
    Azul claro

  • Coral da Fiocruz ▪ Carlos Augusto Grabois Gadelha, Brazilian MoH ▪ Mario Santos Moreira, Fiocruz ▪ Maurício Zuma, Bio-Manguinhos ▪ Akira Homma, Coordenador Científico do 7th ISI*

  • Poster Poster Oral Presentation 1 (VAC) • VAC-03 – An alphavirus-derived replicon polyvalent RNA vaccine induces neutralizing antibodies in mice against omicron SARS-CoV-2 variant of concern, Vinicius Pinto Costa Rocha, SENAI CIMATEC
    Poster Oral Presentation 2 (VAC) • VAC-02 – Immunogenicity and protection evaluation of a live attenuated chimeric vaccine for zika virus in mice model, José Henrique Rezende Linhares, Fiocruz/Bio-Manguinhos

  • 14:40 – 15:10 – Poster pitch – VACCINOLOGY • VAC-08 – Integrating Next-Generation Phage Display and bioinformatics approaches for the screening of B-cell epitopes of different antigens using polyclonal sera, Alexsander de Moraes, USP – Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto • VAC-07 – ntranasal Vaccinal strategy targeting mucosal surface for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) decolonization, Juliana Georg da Silva, Fiocruz/Bio-Manguinhos • VAC-13 – Development and comparison of potential DNA and mRNA vaccines for Dengue serotype 2, Sarah Aparecida Rodrigues Sérgio, CT Vacinas – UFMG

  • New technologies for accelerating vaccine development and new delivery methods • Adjuvants – Charles Lutsch, Sanofi* • Vaccine development in 100 days – Ann-Muriel Steff, CEPI* Chair: Sotiris Missailidis, Bio-Manguinhos

  • Vaccine hesitancy and the risk of polio re-emergence • Causes of vaccine hesitancy, data from the study on low vaccine coverage and adverse effects, José Cassio de Moraes* • Risk of Polio re-emergence in Brazil, Luiza Helena Falleiros*

  • May 3rd

  • Azul

  • Azul

  • – Guided visit to the Museu da Vida and Fiocruz Castle – Guided visit to Bio-Manguinhos’ vaccine and biopharmaceuticals production site

  • 11:40 – 12:10 – Poster pitch
    • ORT-02 – Improvement CAR-T cell therapy with ultra-fast protocol and IL-15 membrane bound addition, Luiza de Macedo Abdo, INCa • ORT-03 – Evaluation of a betullinic acid nanosystem for cancer therapy, Natália Pereira da Rocha, Fiocruz • ORT-08 – Synthesis of polymeric nanoparticles of a high potency second generation isoniazid derivative aiming tuberculosis treatment via direct delivery to the lung, Frederico Silva Castelo Branco, Fiocruz/Farmanguinhos
    12:20 – 12:50 – Poster pitch
    • ORT-07 – Anti-her2 CAR-T cells evaluation in a ovarian tumor preclinical model, Emmanuel Arthur Albuquerque Aragao, INCa • BIO-04 – Structural modeling and design of scFv fragments from the antineoplastic antibody Brontictuzumab for enhanced binding to Notch1 NRR region, Aline de Oliveira Albuquerque, Fiocruz Ceará • BIO-08 – Regulation of the epigenetic machinery in pancreatic cancer, Ricardo Alberto Chiong Zevallos, USP

  • Biopharmaceuticals encoded by DNA and RNA • CART Cells to treat cardiac injuries using mRNA, Joel Rurik, University of Pensylvannia* • Next generation lipid nanoparticles technology for extrahepatic delivery of RNA molecules, Jayesh Kulkarn, NanoVation • Revolutionizing Antibody Discovery with Single-Cell Analysis, James Crowe, Vanderbilt Vaccine Center Chair: Patricia Neves, Bio-Manguinhos

  • Poster Oral Presentation 3 (BIO) • BIO-01 – Immune Checkpoint Blockade via PD-L1 Potentiates More CD28-Based than 4-1BB-Based Anti-Carbonic Anhydrase IX Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cells, Najla Santos Pacheco de Campos, Universidade Federal do ABC Poster Oral Presentation 4 (MAN) • MAN-01 – Project For the Recovery of High Vaccination Coverage: innovation in structuring actions to promote vaccination at the local level, Isabel Cristina Alencar De Azevedo, Fiocruz/Bio-Manguinhos

  • 14:40 – 15:10 Poster pitch – NEW THERAPY APPROACHES • BIO-03 – Development and Characterization of Anti-VLA4 Monoclonal Antibody as a Potential Biopharmaceutical for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, Vitória Fernandes de Castro, Fiocruz/Bio-Manguinhos • VAC-10 – Safety and immunogenicity of the anti-cocaine vaccine UFMG-VAC-V4N2 in a non-human primate model, Raissa Lima Gonçalves Pereira, UFMG • BIO-05 – CLEC5A expression can be triggered by spike glycoprotein and may be a potential target for COVID-19 therapy, Thiago Lazari Machado, Fiocruz/Bio-Manguinhos

  • Management of Biotech Development and Production in the 4th Industrial Revolution •First steps on the journey to the future of the productive sector, Igor Calvet, ABDI* •4th Industrial Revolution in Biotech industry, Marcio Freitas, Aché •Applications of 4.0 solutions in the pharmaceutical industry, Fabricio Costa, Deloitte* •4.0 platform for the new Bio-Manguinhos plant, Fernando Serva Cavalcanti Leite, Bio-Manguinhos* Chair: Luiz Alberto Lima*, Bio-Manguinhos

  • May 4th

  • Azul claro

  • Azul claro

  • Evolution of the development, regulation and use of biosimilars

  • 11:40 – 12:10 – Poster pitch
    • IVD-02 – Kit NAT PLUS HIV/HBV/HCV/Malária Bio-Manguinhos: Innovation and technological upgrade for NAT, Daniele Ramos Rocha, Fiocruz/Bio-Manguinhos • ORT-04 – Evaluation of three antigens for the use in immunochromatographic rapid test for serological diagnosis of Human Visceral Leishmaniasis in Brazil, Allana Kelly Oliveira Dutra, Fiocruz/Bio-Manguinhos • IVD-08- Evaluation of Influenza A and SARS-CoV2 detection using RT-PCR by paired saliva and nasopharyngeal secretions samples, Pedro Henrique Cardoso, Fiocruz/Bio-Manguinhos 12:20 – 12:50 – Poster pitch
    • IVD-03 – A flow cytometry-based assay to measure neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 virus, Veridiane Maria Pscheidt – UFCSPA • ORT-09 – Usefulness of rapid molecular assay to detect hepatitis C virus, Vanessa Duarte da Costa, Fiocruz/IOC • IVD-07 – Development of a multiplex RT-PCR molecular assay for Measles and Rubella viruses detection, Monica Barcellos Arruda, Fiocruz/Bio-Manguinhos

  • Cancer diagnosis and core demands • Diagnostics by sequencing and digital PCR. What can we expect? Ilana Zalcberg, INCa* • Real-time PCR and digital PCR applied to cancer diagnosis, John Young Lee, OPTOLANE Technologies Inc.* Chair: Patricia Alvarez da Silva Baptista, Bio-Manguinhos*

  • Poster Oral Presentation 5 (IVD) • IVD-01 – Detection of Plasmodium spp. in asymptomatic blood donors at Brazilian blood centers by the NAT PLUS HIV/HBV/HCV/MALARIA Bio-Manguinhos kit, Beatriz Vasconcello de Souza Barreto, Fiocruz/Bio-Manguinhos Poster Oral Presentation 6 (ORT) • ORT-01 – A high content image-based assay for detection and measurement of SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies, Vinicius Pinto Costa Rocha, SENAI CIMATEC

  • 14:40 – 15:10 – Poster pitch – INFECTIOUS DISEASES
    • ORT-05 – Evaluation of mutations in ABCB1 and ABCB11 genes by qPCR and their impact on the clinical evolution of hepatitis C, Leticia Bomfim Campos, Fiocruz/Instituto Oswaldo Cruz • ORT-06 – Thiourea Derivatives with Antimycobacterial and Anti-Inflammatory Activity as an Adjuvant Treatment Strategy for Severe Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Sanderson Dias Calixto, UENF • BIO-02 – Effect of lactoferrin as an immunomodulator and gene regulation of ferritin in different tissues of K18- hACE2 mice infected with SARS-CoV-2, Andrea Marques Vieira Da Silva – Fiocruz/Bio-Manguinhos

  • One Health and preparedness for the next pandemic • A. Alonso Aguirre, Colorado State University* • Mariangela Simão, Instituto Todos Pela Saúde* • Ann-Muriel Steff, CEPI* • Patricia Oliveira Pereira Tagliari, Anvisa* Chair: Akira Homma, Bio-Manguinhos

  • ▪ Poster Award Independent Committee Event close-up remarks Akira Homma, Bio-Manguinhos
    Cinza escuro