The Event

The seventh edition of the International Symposium on Immunobiologicals (ISI) will have as main objectives the promotion of innovation, the generation of cutting-edge research and networking opportunities among experts to accelerate the development of biotechnology solutions to public health problems. In the 2021 edition, the ISI gained a digital format, which allowed remote participation in the lectures, round tables, mini-courses and workshops, which were broadcast in real time from the virtual platform specially designed to respond to this new reality imposed by the pandemic. In 2022 ISI became a hybrid event, which also had face-to-face sessions following all the security protocols, once the pandemic stage made it possible to return to some physical contact. But in 2023, the event will be primarily face-to-face, with participatory activities to encourage knowledge exchange and interaction among participants.

Whether in person or through the virtual platform, ISI is the ideal space to seek cutting-edge knowledge in biotechnology worldwide, meet leading researchers and scientists, share what you are doing and hear feedback from your peers in the poster area, as well as get updates on important topics for careers in the field and find out what prominent companies in the market are offering.


Take part in the 7th ISI!

Participation in the 7th ISI is free and open to all professionals or students, as well as researchers in the field of immunobiologicals and related areas, from institutions involved in production and/or technological development of vaccines, biopharmaceuticals or reagents for diagnosis, as well as those involved in the public health area. They are also aimed at entrepreneurs, startups, investors and development agencies. Registration is free for both Brazilians and foreigners, as long as they meet the above requirements.

Poster Exposition

Poster submissions to the 7th International Symposium on Immunobiologicals are now open

Do not miss out on presenting your work at the 7th International Symposium on Immunobiologicals. 

Poster submissions are open until March 7. 

Unpublished papers on vaccines, diagnostic kits and biopharmaceuticals, management, or other related topics can be submitted until March 7. There is no limit to the number of abstracts to be submitted per author. If selected, papers will participate in the poster exhibition, which in 2023 will again be in person during the event, increasing visibility and possibilities of interaction with peers. But it also continues to have its virtual promotion, with space for the abstract, video and poster, as well as the possibility of chat with participants and videoconferences. Be sure to submit your work!

Check out what happened at our previous editions

Want to know how the International Symposium on Immunobiologicals (ISI) went and see some of the daily schedule? Take the opportunity to know, or remember, what happened in all previous editions of the scientific events organized by Bio-Manguinhos since 2001 in the ISI / SACT history session.

7th ISI 2023 Schedule

Check out what is scheduled for the 2023 event and plan to attend.

  • May 3rd

  • Sem título

  • Coral da Fiocruz ▪ WHO ▪ PAHO ▪ Brazilian MoH ▪ Fiocruz ▪ Bio-Manguinhos Chair: Akira Homma, Bio-Manguinhos

  • New technologies for accelerating vaccine development and new delivery methods • Adjuvants – Charles Lutsch, Sanofi* • Vaccine development in 100 days – Adam Hacker, CEPI Chair: Sotiris Missailidis, Bio-Manguinhos

  • May 4th

  • Azul
    Sem título

  • Biopharmaceuticals encoded by DNA and RNA • CART Cells to threat cardiac injuries using mRNA, Joel Rurik, University of Pensylvannia* • Next generation lipid nanoparticles technology for extrahepatic delivery of RNA molecules, Jayesh Kulkarn, NanoVation Chair: Patricia Neves, Bio-Manguinhos

  • Management of Biotech Development and Production in the 4th Industrial Revolution • Gabriel Petrus, ICC Brasil • Jair Calixto, Distrito Chair: Artur Couto, Bio-Manguinhos

  • May 5th

  • Azul claro
    Sem título

  • Cancer diagnosis and core demands • Patient Avatars for predicting cancer treatment response, Daniele Ferreira, Invitrocue • Liquid biopsy for cancer treatment follow-up, Anamaria Camargo, Hospital Sirio Libanes Chair: TBD

  • Innovation towards biosimilars: How to accelerate the access to biopharmaceuticals? • Rationality and flexibility in the regulation of biopharmaceuticals, Rodeina Challand B, BioFactura Inc • Are clinical trials phase III necessary? Xavier Fraise, Frapaise Pharma Consulting* Chair: Rosane Cuber, Bio-Manguinhos

  • One Health and preparedness for the next pandemic • Peter Daszak, President, EcoHealth • A. Alonso Aguirre, Colorado State University* • Laura Marin, Joint Programming Iniciative on Antimicrobial Resistance Chair: Maurício Zuma, Bio-Manguinhos

  • ▪ Poster Award Independent Committee ▪ Mauricio Zuma, Bio-Manguinhos Event close-up remarks Akira Homma, Bio-Manguinhos
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